Business Support


Assist to arrest the economic downturn, Waltham Forest Council is responding through a co-ordinated multi-faceted approach with all its key partners and stakeholders. Some of the action Council is taking:

· Helping residents and businesses spread payments of council tax and business rates

· Prompter payments to local business for products or services

· Working with local businesses to enable them to compete more effectively for council and other contracts

· Increase the proportion of Council contracts with local suppliers by introducing a target of 50% within 3 years

· Review of the Council’s parking policy to keep our shops open

· Establish a cross party recession committee to look innovatively at how the Council can help local businesses, particularly in town centres

· Increase Business Improvement Districts in the borough and create business apprenticeships

· Work with landlords to agree new temporary, or ‘meanwhile’ leases that enables the Council to use the property by granting an interim license to local groups for community use or social enterprise

· Ensure shops owned by the Council, Registered Social landlords (RSLs) and other bodies are effectively marketed to businesses

· Help Business Board to strengthen business support for existing businesses and start-ups.

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