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In December 2011, The Argall BID Company commissioned North London Business (NLB) to deliver the Argall BID renewal ballot.  In 2007 Businesses from the Argall Industrial Area had voted in favour of the initial 5-year BID term, which formally began in June 2007. At the 2007 ballot the Argall BID returned the lowest vote turnout in theUKat 24%.

One of the challenges for NLB in the renewal process was to demonstrate to the business community what difference the BID had made in the first 5 year term; despite many positive interventions, such as improvements in security and infrastructure,  businesses were not always aware what the BID had achieved. Businesses also needed to know what the BID was going to deliver in the 2nd term if the vote was successful. 

After an initial canvassing campaign, which sought to identify the main issues for businesses on Argall, the Argall BID went through a renewal ballot from 25 April – 23 May 2012. The main campaign themes were Safety and Security, Environment and Maintenance, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Business Opportunities and Business Support and Shared Help.

The election results were issued on 24 May in the afternoon. 117 votes were registered, representing 34% of the business community on Argall, with a 79% majority vote (92 ‘Yes’ votes) by number and a 90% majority by rateable value. This represents an excellent result and a successful BID renewal campaign. There is now an opportunity to strengthen and develop the BID over the next 5 year period, and with the support of Waltham Forest Council and the Waltham Forest Business Board, we are very optimistic that the Argall Business Area will continue to thrive and to be a destination of choice for local businesses.

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