Mar 14

New Environmental Business Support Programme Launches in North London

Green Light North London offers a new service of free environmental support to businesses. The service will help small and medium sized enterprises make substantial financial savings, improve their environmental performance and increase competitiveness by becoming more resource efficient and gaining green credentials. The service can also provide impartial advice and hands on support with other business needs where this would help.

Green Light North London help will generally include an environmental audit of energy, waste and resource usage at the business premises followed by recommendations on how best to save money, through increased energy and water efficiency and waste minimisation.  Additional help on offer includes assistance with the development of an environmental policy for their business and with working towards accreditation for environmental management, such as ISO14001. The programme can also help businesses understand and comply with the latest environmental legislation. Furthermore, businesses will be supported in greening their supply chain and marketing their green credentials, helping them win more business.

It is a flexible programme, with a large pool of specialist consultants who can tailor advice and offer solutions to suit specific requirements for each individual business. The programme recognises that most SMEs are extremely busy dealing with day-to-day business issues and might not have much time available for implementing recommendations for environmental improvements. Therefore, the programme can offer free project management and support if required, to actually begin implementing changes.

Most small and medium sized enterprises (up to 250 employees with turnover of less than £40M) are eligible for assistance. The programme is aimed at businesses in North London including the London Boroughs of Islington, Camden, Hackney, Haringey, Waltham Forest, Enfield and Barnet. Businesses from other parts of London can also be considered. The programme is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and will run until at least 31st June 2013.

Examples of Solutions Provided by Green Light North London:

Ø      Recommendations on low-carbon physical improvements to buildings e.g. thermal insulation

Ø      Recommendations on deployment of environmental building services, including ventilation systems, lighting solutions and renewable energy options (installation, costs, pay-back)

Ø      Information about the latest government subsidies and funding schemes

Ø      Information about free recycling services, and pay-for-waste schemes

Ø      Production process efficiencies to minimise energy, materials and waste e.g. reusing ‘grey water’, voltage optimisation, new products from waste

Ø      Introducing procedures for regulatory compliance

Ø      Support to achieve environmental management systems e.g. ISO14001

Ø      Increasing financial viability thanks to expert advice on cash flow management, marketing etc.

Please call 020 8885 9200 or e-mail to find out what the service can offer your business. Alternatively take a look at the new Green Light North London website at for more information about the service, some case studies and useful links including free waste recycling collection services available to your business.


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